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Amanda Zito

Meet Amanda,

I first met Amanda in Moab at the Motos in Moab motorcycle event in Utah. She truly is a badass babe, we instantly became friends over the camp fire back in 2016. Since then Amanda has made two Support Badass Babes illustrations. The second one to launch this winter 2018. We can't get enough of her art work, AMAZING stuff.  Amanda currently resides in Portland, Oregon. She is a tattoo artist and illustrator, video blogger and she works for Harley Davidson. Amanda travels far and wide on her 2016 honda CB500xa one of four bikes she owns. Amanda also hosts her own motorcycle camp out called Rocky Mountain Roll in Corvallis, Montana on her family's beautiful property. Check out Amanda's personal website http://www.asthemagpieflies.com/ for more information on her and Rocky Mountain Roll.

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Mr. Prvrt 


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Decker Grey




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