Featured Artists

Amanda Zito

Meet Amanda,

I first met Amanda in Moab at the Motos in Moab motorcycle event in Utah. She truly is a badass babe, we instantly became friends over the camp fire back in 2016. Since then Amanda has made two Support Badass Babes illustrations. The second one to launch this winter 2018. We can't get enough of her art work, AMAZING stuff.  Amanda currently resides in Portland, Oregon. She is a tattoo artist and illustrator, video blogger and she works for Harley Davidson. Amanda travels far and wide on her 2016 honda CB500xa one of four bikes she owns. Amanda also hosts her own motorcycle camp out called Rocky Mountain Roll in Corvallis, Montana on her family's beautiful property. Check out Amanda's personal website http://www.asthemagpieflies.com/ for more information on her and Rocky Mountain Roll.

Follow Amanda on Instagram or at www.blindthistleillustration.com

Justin Suarez 

Meet Justin Suarez,

aka Mr Prvrt - (Verb) Pe'vert/ 1. alter (something) from its original course, meaning, or state. 

I met Justin in 2016 when my best friend, kelly (who fast forward to 2018 are now married) brought justin to burningman for the first time. 2016 was also the year I started Support Badass Babes. Justin and I had chatted a little about collaborating but it wasn't until 2018 we made "Eagle Tits" into a reality. Justin is an amazing artist and is well know around the world for his stunning murals. check out his work by clicking the links below.



Follow Mr Prvrt on Instagram or checkout www.mrprvrt.com 


Decker Grey


 Meet Decker Grey,

Decker is probably one of the funnest people I've met. I met decker in 2012 at Burning Man. Decker has amazing style, can make anyone laugh, and is also one of the nicest people I know. Decker created our "Brass Babes" edition tee. We hope to collaborate more with decker ASAP.  If you are looking for branding, logos, graphic design, packaging, apparel, and art, check out Deckers work in the links below. You won't be disappointed as Decker is awesome to work with and makes amazing designs.

Follow Decker Grey on Instagram or at www.deckergrey.com