About Us

Here at Support Badass Babes we want people to hear us. We are bold, strong, independent women who strive on making a difference. We are a network of women who inspire and support other women in many different hobbies, backgrounds, lifestyles, interests and dreams. 

By buying our products you are not only getting great quality clothing, you are supporting badass babes. 

"How do I support Badass Babes?"

Support Badass Babes gives back to the community by giving 100% of the proceeds created through sales of our products. We support others who are helping make a difference by pursuing their dreams, charities, events etc. Support Badass Babes was created as a support system through time or sponsorship to a growing community of women who are courageous in working towards their passion. 

Support Badass Babes is inspiring to do something bigger. We want you to follow your dreams, and we want to help. 

Work Together. Support each other. Dream hard.


About Me

My name is Kerry Irwin and I am the owner of Support Badass Babes. I started the business in 2015 after Babes Ride Out. My first ever motorcycle camp out. I had met two women on Instagram from bend, Oregon that where also going to the event for the first time. I made some hand sew neck warmers for the ladies and I added a little tag that said, “Support Badass Babes”. The neck warmers were a hit, but it was the message on the tag that made them truly special to everyone. Fast forward to 2019 and Support Badass Babes is now a legit small business that practices what it preaches. Supporting Badass Babes. In 2017 we started donating 100% of our profit from apparel sales to women’s events and causes. I think that’s what makes Support Badass Babes so special. I’m not only helping women but I feel as if I’m celebrating women as well.

We are not a huge corporate business. This business is not Instagram nor are we instagram famous. All my packages are hand written, and are either packaged by myself or my partner. I hope that wearing support badass babes clothing makes you feel just as special as this business is. In the future we hope you join us for our own charity event.

Thank you so much for supporting badass babes and a small business started on a dream. 

Work together, Support each other, Dream Harder.


Do you have an event that needs sponsorship? Let us know here