About Us

I am Kerry, the proud owner of Support Badass Babes, hailing from the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon.

My journey into entrepreneurship began in 2015, ignited by an experience at Babes Ride Out in Joshua Tree. It was there that I embarked on my very first motorcycle campout. i had me cross paths with two incredible women from Bend, Oregon, who were also attending the event for the first time. 

In a gesture of friendship, I crafted hand-sewn neck warmers for my new friends,  with a tag that read, "Support Badass Babes."  As time flowed forward, 2017 marked the moment when Support Badass Babes evolved into a legitimate small business, guided by the commitment to celebrating womxn.

Here at Support Badass Babes, we stand tall as a beacon of authenticity. We defy the corporate mold, as every package is meticulously hand-written and lovingly packaged, either by me or my partner. 

I extend my deepest gratitude to you for supporting not just a business but a dream – a dream born out of passion and a fervent belief in the strength of womxn. Let's continue to work together, support each other, and dream even harder. Because at Support Badass Babes, we empower one another to rise higher, be bolder, and celebrate the extraordinary within us all.